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Lizzynjogs Lizzy

“I Love music, Music is a worldwide Language, and I am very versatile. There are not many Kenyan singers and I want to put our country on the map. I want to inspire other people from our community that you can follow your dreams and i also want to be a good role model. ” 



Lizzy Njogu Is  a versatile young singer, originating from Gospel music her voice is unique and current. She has a bubbly and dynamic personality with the ability to wow any crowd. She maintains a professional and positive attitude and is always sincere in her performances. Lizzy Is definitely  One Upcoming Star to watch for!

To get in contact with Lizzy please send a request to with the subject: Lizzy


francisFrancis Ngahu (TriNegy) Francis Ngahu ( TriNergy)

” Dancing has been mine and my group’s passion for a long time, I have been with my dance group for almost 6 years. We are a Theatrical dance group, who mix comedy with routines. I would love to be able to represent my country in the world of dance. I would want to be able to tell the people in Kenya and the Kenyans who live all over the world that your dreams and ambitions can really come true with the right mind set, determination and motivation.” 



Francis is in Teen dance crew and winners, TriN3rgy. An energetic and talented dancer. Francis offers his time to teach children dance in his community church and is eager to use his skills to bring something positive and full of life into the community.

somewhereto_ show off offered 16-25s from all across the UK the chance to show up and show off their talent. 10 finalists got to perform in the Olympic park, and the winners, dance trio TriN3rgy, jetted off to Rio in October with actor/director Adam Deacon to star in their own short film. TriN3rgy brought their dance moves to Copacabana beach, their flavour to the Rocinha favela and their style to the famous Selarón Staircase for this film that illustrates an epic journey from London to Rio (the home of the next Olympic and Paralympic Games) for somewhereto_ and a talented group of young people.


To get in contact with Francis please send a request to with the subject: Francis

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