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About Creative Minds & AfroPictures Pheonix

Two college friends came together and formally started Minds Business. (CMB) which aims to create and write stories to meet the clients/audiences satisfaction and eventually start tacking and solving issues affecting our society through media and story telling. Creative minds Business promises

• To promote and provide quality dialogued scripts/screenplays to clients
• To give solutions to problems facing our society
• To create, stories for all ages, types of audiences

Afro Phoenix Pictures is sister company to Creative Minds Business. Afro phoenix Pictures or (APP), is the Practical solution to creative minds business where we create animations, and produce short stories, take photographs and edits videos for our clients. APP ensures to satisfy all of our clients needs and produce a high quality product in a professional manner. App promises to:

• To Deliver a High Quality product
• To ensure that clients are entertained and satisfied with our services

We have a dynamic media team ready to help you with your media needs, Fill out a membership form and stay tuned for more upcoming opportunities!!

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