Building 2030

Diaspora Youth Empowerment recognizes, honors, and harnesses the potential of inspirational, socially motivated young people in the Diaspora. We recognize the achievements of young people through working closely with the diverse Diaspora Community. We then harness and develop their potential through the Diaspora Youth Empowerment Network. . Below We have listed the numerous activities for you to explore supporting our Building2030 Initiative 2014 in the Diaspora today


  • BUILDING 2030 Facilitating the in sourcing of high quality Skills and providing precise information to enable youth to contribute to Vision2030; articulating job opportunities to the diaspora; as well as creating a clear value chain that starts with the research ideas from Kenyans students in the Diaspora linked to development opportunities in Kenya/ East Africa
Kenya @ 50 student Conference 
Buisness and Networking Workshops
Diaspora Youth Conference 
Diaspora Global Village 
Youth Membership 
Google Hangout – Global Diaspora Youth Debate
Article – Creating a platform for youth in the diaspora to promote themselves at home and abroad 
2014 Mask Prize 
Longonot Gate 



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