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Here at Diaspora Youth Empowerment we like to ask youth WHATS INSIDE YOU THAT CAN CHANGE THE WORLD? Are you aged 16-35 and need empowerment, information or a way to integrate with your community? Join Diaspora Youth Empowerment today! FREE


Join us and be involved in influencing your community by, creating projects/ events, and inspiring others whatever your passion may be. Leaders of tomorrow; it is about making a positive impact on your life and community and helping you make a difference today or do you just need recognition for the work you are doing?. … Diaspora Youth Empowerment is about Encouraging youth to be involved in making decisions in a number of lead issues.

Benefits Of Becoming a Member.
  1. Free Subscription to our D.Y.E. E-Newsletter
  2. Discounted Tickets on Diaspora Youth Empowerment Events and Workshops 
  3. Professional Volunteering and internship opportunities
  4. Mentoring 
  5. Opportunities to liaise with key leaders in the community 
  6. Invitation to our Annual General Meeting  
  7. Access to our youth Departments That Offer Services in:


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  1. WOW! Wonderful and well deserved.

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