The Darkest Hours of Victory

Come and see the Amazing Drama titled:  The Darkest Hours of Victory”  

Don’t miss out, if you missed it last time, no worries its back!!!!


Malaika Dance Unique returns  to Us once again to bless us with the exiting performance of The Darkest Hours of Victory.   Bringing the Kenyan Freedom Fighter known as the M.A.U M.A.U. Rebellion Fighting for freedom from the British Army.
A performance created by Lydia Olett. exposing all types of emotions through the art of dance.

She teaches the history the M.A.U M.A.U compact with humor to keep us entertained, as well as getting the youths  involved aswell. This PLAY!! is Highly Recommended, its Educational, Teaching about Forgiveness, Progression can not occur with-out forgiveness

This is definitely one for the whole family to learn and be exposed to culture and history.
Students with ID cards 30% off. (£10.00) 
Adults: £15.00
Children: £10.00
Invite your friends and family or just let them know you are going on FACEBOOK 
Castle Green Gale Street, Dagenham London London, England RM9 4UN United Kingdom


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