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A portal of rich content produced by Kenya Diaspora youth communities in the United Kingdom Diaspora Youth Empowerment provides a central hub of knowledge in a variety of categories.

Diaspora Youth Empowerment hopes to engage young people in ideas, debates and opportunities to develop their leadership capacity and develop networks for Kenyans both locally and internationally.

Our Diaspora Community provide opportunities for like-minded people to network, share ideas and expertise, collaborate, learn and keep abreast of news and views.

Each network will be driven by a group of volunteers and partners who work together to promote the Kenyan brand and the advancement of knowledge within our community.

To provide opportunities and empower young adults to be engaged a positive members of society

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  1. Our background
  2. Missions and Operating Principles 
  3. Youth Departments
  4. Team Members
  5. Our Partners
  6. Testimonials

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