Kenya @50 Intercontinental Hotel

On Thursday 12th December Diaspora Youth Empowerment and its members attended Kenya’s 50th Golden Jubilee through the invitation of the Kenya High Commission at Intercontinental Park Lane Hotel. 
This High Profile event joined the long list of Jamhuri celebrations held throughout the world marking 50 years of independence. The atmosphere of the day was one of reflection and prospects for the nation of Kenya. A day that commemorates freedom and development, liberation and democracy.


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Guests were treated to Kenyan entertainment, Kenyan Delicacies and an excellent fashion show by UKENTV Face Of Kenya Girls 2014, the girls rocked down the catwalk with Kenyan attire and designer jewelry courtesy Of Irene Machariah “Just Rocks and Coral”   We were extremely pleased to see the youth participating in all areas from photogrophy to entertainment.


(video taken by ukentv) 


Pictures take by Diaspora Youth Empowerment. Please contact Our media Team If you Wish to purchase any of your Photos. Please check Our Gallery if you cannot locate your pictures. Pictures Cost £5.00 and all proceeds are directed to charity.

Bernard Kama –

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