Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) has launched a Kshs 50 billion enterprise development programme geared towards supporting entrepreneurs within the informal sector. The programme shall distribute Kshs. 10 billion annually for the next five
Years and will be largely used to support small and medium businesses run by the youth. The programme intends to create jobs for 2.5 million youths in the next five years.

The objective of the programme is to provide beneficiaries with the vocational and enterprise development skills necessary to drive employment and wealth creation in selected sectors such as agricultural enterprise, automotive engineering, construction, beauty and domestic services.

The programme is targeting both existing (70%) and potential entrepreneurs (30%). For existing entrepreneurs, 2Jiajiri seeks to up skill and formalize the technical and enterprise skills of the selected youthful entrepreneurs. Upcoming entrepreneurs will receive technical skills, financial support for startups and business advisory services. While recognizing the fact that not everyone is an entrepreneur, some of them will be linked to work-experience programmes so as to give them hands-on training while
exposing them to market opportunities.

Quick Facts

  • The program includes a 12 month incubation period where entrepreneurs will have access to incubation and mentorship resources.
  • Entrepreneurs will enjoy discounted financing to support business growth.
  • Participating entrepreneurs will get connected to mentors, financial advisors and investors.
  • 70% of the beneficiaries will be from the “Jua Kali” artisans.
  • 2000 beneficiaries have already been recruited in the pilot phase.

for more information and to apply visit:  www.bankika.co.ke