Individual Membership

With over Hundreds of Members, Diaspora Youth Empowerment is the largest charitable body representing African youth in the United Kingdom. Are you aged over 35 but still want to make a decisive difference in your community today. Diaspora Youth Empowerment offers individual membership to Diplomatic Staff, past/ present High Commissioners, Leaders and members of the public.


Individual Membership: £15.00 
Couples and groups 2-20:  £35.00

By becoming a member of Diaspora Youth Empowerment you will be demonstrating to yourself, the public, your members/clients potential employers/sponsors and fellow organisations that you are dedicated to supporting the development of youth in the Diaspora responsibly, ethically and to the highest of standards.

  • Vision – to empower youth in the Diaspora through
  • Mission – being the leading body and voice for Young people in the Diaspora
  • Value – with our core values and the Ethical Framework at the heart of all we do

D.Y.E – it is at the forefront of innovation and development in the field of Youth Engagement and Mobilization. It will provide you with the information base, support and community that will enrich your capability to thrive


Benefits Of Becoming a Member.


  1. Free Subscription to our D.Y.E. E-Newsletter
  2. Discounted Tickets on Diaspora Youth Empowerment Events and Workshops (may bring up to TWO guests with membership Discount Code)
  3. 3 free Months of Advertising. (All additional Adverts will be charged at the  Standard price of  £15.00 per month)
  4. 3 free publications a year In our D.Y.E Newsletter (All additional publications will charged at the standard price of  £15.00 per Month)
  5. Professional Volunteering and internship opportunities
  6. Mentoring 
  7. Opportunities to liaise with key leaders in the community 
  8. Invitation to our Annual General Meeting  
  9. The opportunity to freely promote your organisation’s internships and volunteering opportunities to the Diaspora Youth Empowerment community through the our website and social media 
  10. Range of exclusive deals from our Corporate Supporter

For Larger Groups Please take a Look at our Organisation Membership or corporate Membership opportunities.  

How to Join

NOTE: Membership runs for the calendar year, from January 1. If you join in or after the month of
October, your first annual membership will extend to the end of December the following year.

Contact us

If you require more information, please contact Diaspora Youth Empowerment, Head of Membership :

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