Diana Award- Inspire Day 2013

Monday 16th December 2013, 

diana awards

Diaspora Youth Empowerment and their award holders will be attending The annual youth conference, Inspire Day, on the 

16th December 2013 atBarclays Corporate HQ, 

The Diana Award hosts ‘Inspire Days’ across the UK which take the form of training events, which inspire, challenge and empower young people into social action. The Inspire Day  offers workshops aimed at personal development and equipping these young people for social action. The social action workshops train young people to tackle bullying in their communities and mentors to support other young people not in education, employment or training.  Personal development workshops range from employability skills, enterprise training, confidence skills, and presentation skills to money management and project management.

The Inspire Day brings together young people from across the UK to train them in employability and social action skills in fun and interactive workshops!

The day starts at 12noon with a welcome and entertainment from our special guest. 

1) Media and PR Skills

In this workshop young people will learn what makes good news, how to write a press release, how to contact journalists and get their voices heard.

2) Public Speaking Skills

This workshop is for young people to learn the key skills around public speaking; learning tips along the way to help manage their nerves and ultimately be able to stand up and give a speech to a room full of people.

3) CV Writing Skills

It’s really important for young people to know what to put on their CV and how to even create one. This workshop will help them identify their key strengths and support them in creating a suitable CV.

4) Interview Skills

How to conduct oneself at an interview is the next step after a successful job application. This workshop will help young people answer those vital questions and teach them about how best to promote themselves.

5) Entrepreneurial and Project Management Skills (ages 16+)

Do your young people have a great community project idea or want to set up their own business? This is the workshop for those who would like to learn the key skills required.

6) Money Management Skills (ages 9 – 16)

Whether young people are heading off to college, want to start a project, just got a part time job or keep running out of pocket money this interactive workshop makes sure that they are in the know about budgeting.

7) Global Citizenship

Shouldn’t we all develop into a more globally conscious citizen? This workshop aims to teach young people how to be more aware of the part they play in global issues and how to appreciate diversity and sustainable practices.

8) Campaigning

Whether a young person has already run a successful campaign and wants to hone their skills or they have only dreamed of leading a campaign this workshop will develop a young person’s ability to do just that. 

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